How To Install 3 Or More Car Seats In Car
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How To Install 3 Or More Car Seats In Car

Twins, Triplets etc may create other fitting challenges. Families with children that have a few years of separation between them may be trying to accommodate an infant carrier, a seat suitable for a toddler as well as a High Backed Booster.


Some of the common problems fitting 3 across:

  • seats don’t fit side by side
  • seats seem to fit but get twisted
  • can’t get to the buckle to tighten seats
  • can’t get to the buckle to buckle a child in a booster seat


Even after you buy narrower car seats, you may find that you are still having trouble fitting them three-across. Example, you may find that features like the armrests meet at the same point and are therefore rubbing against each other.


Other hints:

  • It is usually easiest to start with installing the car seat in the center seating position first.
  • Alternate forward facing and rear facing to fit better. For instance, FF-RF-FF or RF-FF-RF. Keep in mind having a rear facing in the middle between two forward facing seats may make getting a child in that rear facing seat a challenge.
  • Be sure to put forward facing car seats in positions that have a tether anchor point.
  • Use seat belts for all the installs, sometimes using LATCH makes the seats requires the seats to be further from the doors than a seat belt will allow.
  • Look at the width of the seat and the back and side panels and various heights.
  • If you take out one seat and the others are suddenly loose, then they were not installed correctly and it was the squeeze of fitting 3 across that made them seem tight.