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Car Seat Lifetime 1-1 Crash Exchange Warranty

A Program by My lovely baby and Glife

Register your car seat now and enjoy a Free Upgrade to a lifetime 1-1 crash exchange warranty



** Faxed Reports Cannot be Accepted. ** 

** This Program is Limited to ONE time only **


  1. Your Details (Name, address, and contact number)
  2. Original Sales Receipt / Proof of purchase
  3. Accident Photos of Your Vehicle
  4. Photo of the Installed Car Seat During the Accident
  5. Official Report From Police Station


1. If the car seat model is a discontinued model?

You may change to another model that similar price based on the final payment on the car seat. If you would like to upgrade to another model of the car seat which is a higher price, you may top-up for this case. No cash refund. 


2. Can I claim a warranty after I submitted Lifetime Warranty Car Seat 1-1 Crash Exchange?

Manufacture warranty will base on the date of the invoice (1st purchase - the crashed car seat warranty)


3. Which part of the car seat is under Lifetime Warranty Car Seat 1-1 Crash Exchange coverage?

My Lovely Baby will exchange car seat structure (excluding fabric) under Lifetime Warranty Car Seat 1-1 Crash Exchange coverage.


1.) All submitted documents become the property of My Lovely Baby and will not be returned

2.) This voluntary exchange program is being conducted at the sole discretion of My Lovely Baby and does not represent or suggest that every request will result in exchange. Upon review of the crash circumstances and documents, we will determine if an exchange is warranted based on our internal criteria. There is no provincial or federal regulation that requires My Lovely Baby to replace a crashed car seat.

3.) We are not responsible for stolen, lost, or misdirected returns. If accepted by us, customers need to come to our HEADQUARTER to do the exchange. Customers should cover all shipping charges involved. We will not authorize or pay for airfreight or other expedited freight methods. All car seats and documents submitted to us become the property of My Lovely Baby

( Disclaimer :  This program for crashed car seat exchange is voluntary. This exchange program involves no financial reimbursement. My Lovely Baby reserves the right to change, alter, amend, or cancel any guidelines or the entire program at any time for any reason at our sole discretion without prior notice or obligation. )