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As a parent, it is essential to provide a proper sleeping place for your baby to rest and sleep in during the night and their nap times. A baby bed is a product similar to an adult bed, but it is smaller in size and has more safety features to protect your baby from harm. 

A baby bed has many names and variations, such as a playpen, baby cot, baby crib and many others. In this article, we will discuss baby beds, their differences, and even the 10 best baby beds you can purchase for your little one to ensure they have a pleasant sleep every time.


How Do You Choose A Good Baby Bed? 

1. Material
Purchasing a baby bed made of natural materials and waxes free of allergens is preferable to ensure your baby is protected from any harmful materials. Paint-free and non-toxic materials are also an excellent option for baby cribs as you will not be worried about your baby inhaling anything terribly for their health while asleep. Make sure the baby bed's description clearly describes all the materials and ingredients that are used to make the baby bed.

2. Comfort
It is essential to choose a baby bed that has a comfortable mattress, as this will help to improve your baby's sleep quality. Organic cotton or soft and breathable textiles are the preferred choices for a mattress as your baby can sleep without feeling stuffy, and it will not be irritating on the skin.

3. Versatility
The adjustability and versatility of a baby bed are essential to consider as this can help parents quickly use the baby bed without any fuss or complicated instructions. Baby beds with toddler rails and at least three mattress height levels are versatile baby beds.


What Kind Of Baby Bed Is Available In The Market? ( Explain Playpen And Baby Cot )

Many mothers and fathers might not be very clear to distinguish between a playpen and a baby cot. Baby cots are little beds designed specifically for babies, infants and toddlers alike. These baby cots are often larger and made of fine wood that is non-toxic and safe for your baby to sleep in. 

Infants and toddlers can play and sleep in playpens as they are portable, light, foldable, and less bulky. These playpens are also typically made out of a plastic material.


Top 10 Best Baby Beds

1. Comfy Baby 3 In 1 Multi Functions Ciak Cot

The Comfy Baby 3 In 1 Multi Functions Ciak Cot uses Austrian import Araucaria Wood with an FSC Certificate, assuring it is good quality. The mattress base has two adjustable levels that will suit your baby's height accordingly. Some drop-sides are created for easy access to your baby.


  • Austrian import Araucaria Wood FSC Certificate
  • 2 levels adjustable mattress base
  • Unique paint finisher are nursery-friendly (SGS)
  • Drop-sides for easy access
  • With 4 wheels



  • Baby cot size: 60 x 120 cm
  • Top layer: approx. newborn – 5 months
  • Second layer: approx. 6 months – 8 months
  • Third layer: approx. 9 months – 20kg (Approx. 5 years old)


Price: RM1,199.00

Brand: Comfy Baby



2. Chicco Next2me Magic Crib

The Chicco Next2me Magic Crib comes with a soft mattress to ensure your little one sleeps comfortably. This baby crib has a safe and straightforward fastening system that you can attach to the parent's bed to keep parents within reach of their baby in emergencies. The wide netted sides and mesh windows enhance the airflow and circulation around the crib.


  • Travel bag included for easy transport
  • Soft mattress is included.
  • Ability to sleep close to your baby without having to share the same bed
  • Simple and safe fastening system to attach to the parent's bed.
  • Wider netted sides to improve airflow around the crib, and enhanced visibility into the crib.
  • Mesh window that ensures better air circulation
  • Equipped with soft mattress and delicate cotton
  • Adjustable to 11 height positions to ensure compatibility with beds and drawers
  • Tilted slightly at a recommended angle for safe and comfortable sleep of the baby, and help with congestion and reflux
  • Removable and washable lining.
  • Padded sides for extra comfort



  • Size of Packaging: 16.6kg
  • Mattress Size: 82cm x 51cm x 5cm
  • Place of Manufacture: China


Price: RM1,099.00

Brand: Chicco



3. Coby Haus Geo Baby Cot

The Coby Haus Geo Baby Cot is portable and lightweight, making it great for travelling. This baby cot has a 6-level height adjustment and is suitable for all beds. In addition, the 12cm heightened side meets European safety standards, and the 175° feeding mode will help to prevent the backflow of gastric fluid.


  • Independent crib
  • Suitable for all kinds of bed
  • Easy to change diapers without bending over
  • 6-level height adjustment
  • Easily change to swing - shake gently at 15° to sooth
  • 175° feeding mode - prevent backflow of gastric fluid
  • 12cm heightened side meets European safety standards
  • Safety guard prevents sliding out
  • Safety strap fixed
  • Four-wheel lock
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Net weight: 8.24 kg
  • Dimensions: 94 x 56 x 69 - 84 cm
  • Mattress Size: 50 x 90 x 3cm


Price: RM399.00

Brand: Coby



4. Joie Commuter Change Playpen

The Joie Commuter Change Playpen has an ultra-secure frame, modern exposed tubing, and a full-size bassinet for naptime options. The playpen has two integrated wheels to move from room to room quickly and is lined with mesh for ventilation on all four sides. There are wipeable fabrics on the changer for easy cleanup.


  • Ultra secure frame with modern exposed tubing
  • Full-size bassinet included for naptime options
  • Bassinet clips quickly snap on and off
  • 2 integrated wheels to easily move from room to room
  • Mesh lined for ventilation on all four sides
  • Elevated, drought resistant base
  • Simple, push button fold to pack up in a snap
  • Compact, folded package for simple storage in even the smallest spaces
  • Carry bag included for travel
  • Changing unit easily clicks on and off using Joie's SecureClick™ system
  • Wipeable fabrics on changer for easy cleanup



  • Setup Dimensions: l 106cm x w 70.5cm x h 80cm
  • Folded Dimensions: l 79cm x w 25cm x h 21cm
  • Product Weight: 11kg
  • Testing Certification: EN 716-1:2008+A1:2013


Price: RM499.00

Brand: Joie



5. Crolla Cubbie One Side Sliding Playpen

The Crolla Cubbie One Side Sliding Playpen has an adjustable sliding door for easy feeding, changing, or carrying access. The playpen is easy to install and has a compact fold for easy storage. Furthermore, the playpen has an advanced air design for maximum air circulation.


  • Adjustable sliding door for easy access to feeding, changing, or carrying.
  • Easy Installation for set up and folds
  • Advanced air design for maximum air circulation
  • Removable mattress for easy cleaning
  • Ventilation fabrics for a comfy deep nap
  • Easy convertible from upper to lower cot
  • Strong and sturdy frame for ultra-safety secure
  • 2 integrated wheels to easily move from room to room
  • Compact fold for easy storage
  • Premium Travel bag included for easy transport
  • Zip open activity door for easy entry
  • *Separately purchase : diaper changer, music toy bar & toys , mosquito net



  • Setup dimension: 110cm x 76cm x 78cm
  • Folded dimension: 23cm x 25cm x 78cm


Price: RM329.00 - RM428.00

Brand: Crolla



6. Comfy Baby 5 In 1 Multi Functions Luca Cot

The Comfy Baby 5 In 1 Multi Functions Luca Cot easily converts from a cot to a sofa bed. The baby cot is ergonomically designed with a single-hand drop side for easy access to the baby. The mattress base has three adjustable heights, making it convenient and safe for your baby to sleep in the cot.


  • Converts from cot to sofa bed.
  • Ergonomically designed single hand drop side for easy access to the baby.
  • With drop side
  • Non-toxic paint (SGS Certified paint)
  • 3 adjustable heights for mattress base
  • Rubberwood
  • Tested and complies with AS/NZS 2172:2013 – Australian Standard for Domestic use Cots
  • The cot is tested by Bureau Veritas, a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) to ensure that the cot is safe and meets with the standards



Baby Cot:

  • Baby Cot Size : 130 x 70 x 95cm(H)
  • Top Layer (approx. newborn – 5 months)
  • Second Layer (approx. 6 months – 8 months)
  • Third layer (approx. 9 months – 2 years old)
  • Toddler Bed (approx. 2 years old +)
  • Sofa Bed (Convert to sofa bed)
  • Short screws (4pcs) is for leg part


  • Mattress Size : 70 x 130 x 10cm (28" x 52" x 4")
  • Mattress Material: Memory Foam
  • Mattress Fabric: Natural Bamboo Fibre
  • Mattress Treatment: Purotex Active Probiotics - Allergen Resistant

Price: RM1,499.00

Brand: Comfy Baby



7. Joie Kubbie Sleep Playpen

The Joie Kubbie Sleep Playpen has a full-size bassinet that can be easily removed and attached for your convenience. The playpen also has a mesh-lined for ventilation on all four sides of the playpen. Also, the playpen can be used as a bedside cot for comfortable and safe side-by-side sleeping.


  • Bedside cot for safe and cosy side-by-side sleep
  • Simple and stylish design with exposed tubing complements any space
  • Full size bassinet removes and attaches easily
  • Mesh lined for ventilation on all four sides
  • Removable mattress doubles for naptime or playtime
  • Compact, folded package for easy travel or storage
  • Tidy travel bag included
  • Compact, ultra secure frame
  • Two integrated wheels



  • Setup Dimensions: L 99 x W 59.5 x  80.5cm
  • Folded Dimensions: L 27 x W 25 x H 80.5cm
  • Product Weight: 8.79kg
  • Testing Certification: EN716-1/2:2017


Price: RM579.00

Brand: Joie



8. Chicco Baby Hug 4 In 1 Air Playpen

Due to the cocooning shape of the crib, Chicco Baby Hug 4-In-1 Air Playpen provides a cosy option for naps and nightly resting during a baby's early years. The lateral mesh fabric guarantees your kid has improved airflow and lets you see them all the while within the cot. Thanks to the safety belt and the adjustable toy bar, you can amuse your child in complete safety. Additionally, the height adjustment enables you to maintain eye contact while keeping the infant at your level.


  • Comfortable crib
  • Visibility and air circulation
  • Entertaining recliner
  • Electronic toy bar
  • Reducer
  • Washable
  • Reclining backrest
  • Practical highchair
  • 4 wheels
  • Height adjustable
  • Practical table chair


  • Folded dimensions : L 60 x W 60 x H 85 cm
  • Dimensions unfolded : L 88/122 x W 60 x H 85 cm
  • Product weight : 10.2 kg​
  • Toys bar need AA batteries x2 to operate (not included)

Price: RM1,099.00
Brand: Chicco


9.Comfy Baby Oasis Wooden Baby Cot

The Comfy Baby Oasis Wooden Baby Cot can transform from a baby cot to a learning table as your little one grows up, making it suitable for newborns until they are 12. The baby cot has ten adjustable heights that can be easily customisable according to your desired size. The baby cot makes it easy for mothers to pick up their babies whenever they are crying or for feeding.

  • Co-sleeper baby cot
  • 10 adjustable heights
  • High position
  • Memory foam mattress


  • Cot size: 70cm x 125cm x 82cm
  • Supported weight: 40kg


Price: RM1,999.00

Brand: Comfy Baby



10. Joie Roomie Glide Crib

Set the tempo of your baby's late-night rocking sessions with a smooth single-handed glide in the Joie Roomie Glide Crib, regardless of whether your little one loves a leisurely or brisk ride/tempo. Without leaving your bed, gently rock your baby to sleep. When the ride is over, lock the glide into place. With only one hand, the sliding side panel raises and lowers, allowing you to respond to those half-awake midnight wakeup calls quickly.


  • Allows you to sleep closely side by side without sharing a bed
  • Sliding side panel lifts and lowers with just one hand
  • Smooth single hand glide soothes baby and locks in place with a single button push
  • 11 height adjustments measure up to nearly any sized bed
  • Soothing tilt gently inclined to help your little one comfortably digest their bedtime snack
  • Fits most beds, including divans, with adjustable folding feet that step right up to your bed
  • One-touch gliding lock keeps the cot firmly in place for sleeping still
  • Four lockable wheels make moving the crib easy and are rubber-covered to keep your floor scratch free
  • Woven fabrics are wipeable for easy cleaning
  • Double mesh windows on both sides provide plenty of ventilation
  • Secures to your bed with a simple strap and clip attachment
  • Machine washable mattress cover removes in a snap for easy cleaning
  • Rounded cocoon shape with soft padded sides for extra comfort and protection
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble to tote with included travel bag
  • Lightweight yet strong aluminium frame



  • Product weight: 11.94 kg
  • Product Size: l 98.5 x w 68.5 x h 66-81 cm
  • Testing Certification: EN 1130:2019 and EN 16890:2017


Price: RM1,059.00

Brand: Joie



As sleep is essential for every baby as it helps with their physical and mental development, it is crucial for parents to carefully consider the baby beds they will be choosing for their little ones. 

According to research, the recommended amount of sleep for infants under three months is 14 to 17 hours each day; however, it is possible to get away with 11 or even 19 hours. For babies to get a good amount of sleep each time, parents should keep a proper sleeping schedule suitable for their baby and themselves.