Top 10 Best Car Seat In Malaysia
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Top 10 Best Car Seat In Malaysia


Baby transportation in the car has been made to be safer with the invention of baby car seats. Before your child is even born, you will need a baby car seat, as you may need one in the car if you plan to drive your newborn home from the hospital after giving birth. Childcare professionals advise expecting mothers and their spouses to look for a baby car seat in the sixth to the eighth month of pregnancy, giving parents plenty of time to shop for baby car seats before giving birth.

As a mother or a father, choosing a suitable baby car seat will be influenced by your baby's age, height, and weight and if you want the seat to be simple to remove. Here we have a complete list of the 10 best baby car seats that are recommended and available in today's market.


What to consider when buying a baby car seat?

1. Easy to install securely
First, make sure your automobile has ISOfix. To connect ISOfix baby car seats to vehicle seats, there are little metal rings around the back of the seat. The possibility of doing it improperly is decreased by the speed and convenience of using Isofix fixes, which also have obvious indicators that show when the base or seat is correctly installed.

2. Side impact protection
Many car crashes mainly cause side-impact damages, so baby car seats need an excellent side-impact safety and protection feature to prevent anything wrong from happening to your baby in the event of an accident.

3. Comfortability
It is essential to consider your baby's comfortability when choosing a baby car seat. There should be plenty of legroom for your little one in the baby car seat so your baby will not feel restricted in movement. Also, the baby car seat should suit your baby's weight and height accordingly. 


What are the various types of baby car seats available?

Infant and toddler car seats come in three basic types: rear-facing, forward-facing, and convertible, which can switch from rear to forward-facing. Babies and toddlers in the car should ride in a rear-facing baby car seat for as long as they possibly can, or at least until they reach the maximum weight or height permitted by their baby car seat, according to research done by the American Academy of Paediatrics.

1. Infant-only car seat

You can use an infant-only baby car seat until your child weighs 9 to 10 kg or until their head is within 2.5 cm of the top of the seat. They are often less in weight and portable in design. Infant-only baby car seats can click onto a stroller base, which makes them another practical choice. Because parents may remove an infant carrier from a vehicle without requiring them to unbuckle the seatbelt and possibly wake a sleeping child, this convenience is preferred by many parents.

2. Convertible car seat

Since they can be placed as a rear-facing or forward-facing seat, convertible baby car seats are a great choice if you want a product that will endure for many years. Additionally, most restrictions let your baby ride rear-facing for at least two years or until the infant weighs at least 13kg. Convertible baby car seats are not intended to be movable; relatively, they are fixed inside the vehicle.

3. Forward-facing only car seat

Many forward-facing baby car seats can only hold toddlers up to 29 kg or more. Parents should always double-check the maximum height and weight recommendations in their actual car seat handbook. It is also essential to speak with a baby car seat professional, as they can guide you in selecting the ideal baby car seat for your particular vehicle.

4. Combination car seat
This kind of baby car seat works with a harness until the child weighs between 18 and 29 kg. After that, you may take off the harness to transform the child safety seat into a belt-positioning booster that can be used with your car's lap or shoulder belt for children weighing up to 36 to 45 kilograms.


Top 1 - 10 Stroller 

1. Chicco Keyfit 35 Car Seat With Isofix Base

The Chicco Keyfit 35 Car Seat With Isofix Base has an easy-extend headrest system with a no-rethread harness and a LockSure® steel-reinforced seat belt locking system. This baby car seat has an anti-rebound bar that delivers added stability and more space for your little one. The baby car seat has a full-coverage canopy with UPF 50+ sun protection to protect your baby from harmful UV rays.


  • Homologated from birth - Babies can stay in the safer rear-facing position longer from 1.8 to 15.9kg.
  • Easiest-to-install infant car seat offers more headrest height and legroom for extended rear-facing use
  • Easy-Extend Headrest System with no-rethread harness
  • Anti-rebound bar provides added stability and more legroom
  • Clicks securely into all Chicco strollers that accept a car seat for travel system mobility
  • SuperCinch® force-multiplying LATCH tightener
  • ReclineSure® levelling foot and RideRight® bubble levels
  • LockSure® steel-reinforced seat belt locking system
  • Full-coverage canopy with UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Removable ergonomic newborn head and body positioner
  • Integrated on-the-go European belt routing for carrier-only installation



  • Product weight: 8.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 71.12 x 39.37 x 57.15 cm


Price: RM1,499.00

Brand: Chicco


2. Cosatto All In All Rotate Isofix Car Seat

The Cosatto All In All Rotate Isofix Car Seat evolves with your baby's growth as it has an adjustable multi-position headrest and shoulder height for the best position. The baby car seat has side impact protection as it has a contoured seat shape with deep side wing panels built to absorb force. The 5-point safety harness has a quick release and distributes forces over the body.


  • Group 0+/1/2/3 car seat.
  • Extended rearward-facing 0-18kg (approx. 4 years old)
  • Forward-facing 9-36kg (approx. 12 years old)
  • Universal belted-only fitting for Group 0+/1/2/3 modes.
  • Universal ISOFIX in Group 0+/1
  • Beyond that ISOFIX group 2/3. (15-36kg)
  • Designed and tested for your newborn right through to 36kg. (0 – 12 years approx.)
  • Evolve with your child. Adjustable multi-position shoulder and headrest heights for the perfect fit.
  • When you are stationary you can rotate the seat for easy access to your child from the car door.  Always drive with a seat in a fixed position. Seat rotation is for stationary use only.
  • Side impact protection – contoured seat shape with deep side wing panels, built to absorb forces.
  • Includes patented 5 point plus anti-escape system. (Group 1 only).
  • 5 position seat recline for comfort.
  • Quick release 5 point safety harness distributes forces over the body.
  • Padded removable seat liner & newborn seat insert.
  • Anti-slip chest pads and tummy pad included.
  • Removable washable soft goods.



  • Complies with R44.04


Price: RM1,699.00

Brand: Cosatto


3. Crolla Air / Unicorn Infant Car Seat Carrier

The Crolla Air / Unicorn Infant Car Seat Carrier has optimal security against side impact in case of accidents. This baby car seat has a curved base which allows you to rock the baby car seat if you are trying to put your baby to sleep. The baby car seat also has a multi-position carry handle and an adjustable sun canopy.


  • Suitable from newborn to 13kg.
  • Optimal security against side impact
  • Light as feather, only 3.2 kg
  • Curved base allows for rocking
  • Multi-position carry handle
  • Adjustable sun canopy
  • Removable and washable fabric



  • Product weight: 3.2 kg


Price: RM259.00

Brand: Crolla


4. Cybex Aton M Infant Car Seat Carrier

The Cybex Aton M Infant Car Seat Carrier has an M-Line modular system containing an 11-position height-adjustable headrest with integrated harness guides. This baby car seat has an integrated L.S.P. system that delivers extra safety measures should a side-impact collision occur. The baby car seat has an integrated XXL sun canopy with UPF50+ sun protection.


  • M-Line Modular System
  • Integrated L.S.P. System
  • Removable newborn inlay - For a near lie-flat position for premature and small babies.
  • Integrated XXL Sun Canopy with UPF50+ sun protection.
  • Travel System - Compatible with CYBEX, gb buggies and strollers as well as with select other brands.
  • Energy-absorbing shell
  • Extra wide Y-harness straps



  • Dimensions:  66 × 44 × 39 cm
  • Product Weight: 6.3kg
  • Safety Standard : UN R44/02


Price: RM899.00

Brand: Cybex


5. Evenflo EveryFit 4 In 1 Isofix Car Seat

The Evenflo EveryFit 4 In 1 Isofix Car Seat was created with the utmost comfort, security, and durability. The infant car seat may be adjusted to several settings to fit your child, allowing them to travel rear-facing past the age of two without stretching out the seat or cramming other passengers.


  • Protection for up to 10 years
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable federal safety standards and Evenflo’s side impact standard
  • Advanced side impact protection that reduces crash forces up to 30%
  • Innovative airflow mesh fabrics are designed to keep your child cool
  • Angles your child comfortably to minimise head slump with three rear-facing recline positions and one forward-facing recline position
  • Easy to slide, no-rethread harness straps
  • 12-position headrest
  • Machine-washable fabrics



Child Specs (120lbs)


  •  Weight: 4 - 40 lbs (1.8 - 18.1 kg)
  •  Height: 17 – 40 in (43 – 102 cm)


  • Weight: 22 - 65 lbs (10 - 29.5 kg)
  • Height: 28 - 49 in. (71 - 124 cm)
  • Age: At least 2 years old

Harnessed Booster

  •  Weight: 40 - 65 lbs (18 - 29.5 kg)
  •  Height: 44 - 57 in. (112 - 145 cm)
  •  Age: At least 4 years old

Seat Belt Booster

  •  Weight: 40 - 120 lb (18 - 54.4 kg)
  •  Height: 44 - 57 in (112 - 145 cm)
  •  Age: At least 4 years old 

No Back Booster

  •  Weight: 40 - 120 lbs (18 - 54.4 kg)
  •  Height: 44 - 57 in. (112 - 145 cm)
  •  Age: At least 4 years old

Product & Shipping Specs

  •  Dimensions: 19 W x 32.5 H x 22.25 D
  •  Product Weight: 22
  •  Package Width: 9.125 in.
  •  Package Weight: 22 lbs.
  •  Package Depth: 19.125 in.
  •  Package Height: 27.625 in.


Price: RM999.00

Brand: Evenflo



6. Fisher-Price Booster Car Seat

The Fisher-Price Booster Car Seat has breathable ventilated fabric and will not cause any stuffiness when your baby is seated in the baby's car seat. The baby car seat also has a 5-point harness system and a side impact protection feature that will keep your baby safe in the case of a collision.


  • Designed for enhanced kids support
  • Ventilation fabric
  • Soft and natural skin touch
  • 5 points harness
  • Side impact protection
  • Disassemble backrest
  • 3 position adjustable headrest



  • ECE R44/04 European Safety Standard Certified
  • Product Weight: 5.2kg


Price: RM159.00

Brand: Fisher-Price



7. GB Uni-All Isofix Car Seat

The GB Uni-All Isofix Car Seat is a baby car seat for all ages, as it provides high standards of comfort and functionality for your child from birth up until the age of twelve. The GB Uni-All Isofix Car Seat's Energy-Reduction Technology protects your child in the case of a frontal crash when it is forward-facing. The infant car seat has a top tether, which, when used with the ISOFIX System, prevents the risky rotation of the seat after an accident. 


  • All-in-one seat
  • Energy-reduction technology
  • Integrated L.S.P. system
  • Top tether and ISOFIX
  • Restraint system control
  • Energy absorbing shell
  • Newborn inlay



  • Measurements: L 72 cm, W 44 cm, H 62.5 cm
  • Weight: 14.7 kg
  • European standard: UN R44/04


Price: RM999.00

Brand: GB



8. Joie Elevate Booster Car Seat

The Joie Elevate Booster Car Seat can support children weighing 9 to 18kg using a 5-point harness and 15 to 36 kilograms when converted to a belted booster. In addition to Guard Surround SafetyTM panels that protect infants from head to hips, the baby car seat offers complete side impact protection. The baby car seat is loaded with comfort and convenience features along with wholly ventilated mesh sides and an integrated cup holder.


  • Group 1/2/3 car seat
  • Suitable forward facing from 9-36kg
  • Side impact protection provides added security for the head, body and hips
  • One-hand, 10 position height adjustable headrest
  • Grow Together™ headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and require no re-threading of harness
  • Removable, machine washable covers
  • Ventilated mesh sides
  • Integrated cup holder holds little one's essentials
  • Well-marked, colour-coded installation paths
  • Easy installation with lock-off device



  • Product Dimensions: L 50 x W 50.8 x H 63 - 83cm
  • Product Weight: 5.47 kg
  • Testing Certification: ECE R44/04


Price: RM429.00

Brand: Joie



9. Nuna Tres LX Isofix Car Seat

With its integrated 5-point harness storage and red belt guidance, the Nuna Tres LX Isofix Car Seat makes it simple to transition into booster mode while travelling. As they develop, there are six recline options for individualised comfort: 2 backward facing and four forward facings. The baby car seat has an all over side impact protection that has an EPP energy absorbing foam to absorb any impact. 


  • Premium i-Size protection for your peace of mind Rear facing from 40-105 cm, Forward facing from 100-145 cm
  • Extended rear facing up to 105cm, max 22kg | Forward facing from 15kg to 36kg
  • Choose from 6 recline positions—2 rearward facing and 4 forward facing—for custom comfort as they grow.
  • All over side impact protection thanks to Nuna’s smart SIP system featuring EPP energy absorbing foam
  • Attaching the side impact protection pod creates an additional safety zone to protect your child. It works with the integrated foam to absorb energy earlier and significantly reduce the force of impact.
  • One-hand, 10 position height adjustable headrest
  • Built-in storage for the 5-point harness makes going to booster mode easy while red belt guides offer stress-free buckle-up-and-go travel
  • Magnetic buckle holder
  • Merino wool infant inserts keep them snug and supported. When a baby outgrows, they easily remove.
  • The 2D growth™ system works simultaneously with the headrest, expanding out while growing up.
  • SO connector™ connectors for group 2/3 booster mode
  • Woven with a distinctive thread creating a unique texture with a bamboo blend knit. Merino wool and TENCEL™* lyocell fibre creates a natural and earthy feel. *TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG
  • Includes Merino wool inserts 



  • Product: L 47- 52 x W 48-59 x H 61-82 cm
  • Complies with European standard: ECE R129


Price: RM1,999.00

Brand: Nuna



10. Recaro Salia 125 Isofix 360 Spin Car Seat

For more precise baby placement, the Recaro Salia 125 Isofix 360 Spin Car Seat offers a 360-degree rotation seat that can be turned with only one motion. In addition to putting the child in the ideal sitting position, this also soothes the parents' backs during the procedure. The baby car seat is equipped with advanced side protection that channels energy back into the shell, significantly lowering the forces acting on the baby in the event of a car accident. This twofold protection is made possible by the seat structure in conjunction with the retractable protectors.


  • Energy-absorbing shell: In the event of a collision, the energy is diverted through the shell and absorbed there.
  • Patented HERO safety system: Children from 40 – 105 cm can be simply and quickly strapped in using the patented HERO safety system. A single unit comprising shoulder pads, shoulder straps and headrest prevents the harness from twisting and slipping and simplifies the secure and easy fastening process.
  • Height-adjustable headrest with integrated 5-point harness system: Simple adjustment gives the growing child an ergonomic sitting position, fastened into the seat securely and simply with our intuitive, central harness adjuster and HERO harness guide (40 – 105 cm).
  • Comfort seating foam: The foam adapts to your child’s body shape perfectly and provides the highest level of comfort.
  • Belt guide markings: The green belt guide markings help ensure correct installation.
  • Ergonomic design: Flat side bolsters make it easy for the parents to place their child in the child seat.
  • Intuitive handling: Nothing complex about it: all important functions can be operated intuitively and easily.
  • Adjustable support leg: Easy to adjust in the vehicle and improves stability
  • Integrated harness storage: Easy conversion to the next level thanks to integrated belt storage space without having to remove the belt system.



  • Safety Standard: UN R129/03 (i-Size)
  • External dimensions (W/D/H): 44 / 49 / 61 cm
  • Weight: 14.8 kg


Price: RM1,399.00

Brand: Recaro




While picking the right baby car seat is crucial, properly installing it is the most significant step. No matter what kind of baby car seat you select, it is essential for your child's safety that it is appropriately placed. If one is installed improperly, it has no function at all.

The most frequent errors when installing a baby car seat include the following:

  • Incorrectly inserting seat belts into the slots.
  • Failing to use a locking clip when necessary.
  • Fitting the seat too loosely.
  • Forgetting to buckle the child in.

A properly placed car seat won't move at all. You can always consult the store's assistants for help if you are unsure about installing your baby's car seat.