What is Isofix in a car?
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What is Isofix in a car?


What is Isofix?

Isofix stands for International Standards Organisation Fix, an international standard for safely installing child car seats. It is an attachment built into the vehicle by the car manufacturer that matches child car seats. It allows car seats to be fixed securely into the body of the car.




  1. There is an indicator indicating that the car seat is correctly installed.
  2. Correctly installed car seats can absorb more impact during an accident – protect children from fatal injuries.
  3. Convenient – quick installation and easy removal.


Isofix Anchor Points

ISOFIX child seats have 3 points, which are 2 metal connectors on the base and a top tether, or in some cases, a support leg.

Two metal connectors at the base of each side of the seat.

Top Tether

A top tether is a fabric strap that secures the child seat to a tether point behind the rear car seat, usually at the back of the rear seat, the bottom of the trunk, or on the ceiling.

Support Leg

A support leg is fitted to the child seat and extended to the car's floor between the back seat and the front seat or between the front seat and dashboard. It prevents the child seat from tipping over forwards in a collision. They are easier to use than a top tether. However, if there are hollow storage compartments on the floor, the support leg's foot must not rest on the lid of the compartment because it may collapse under the forces created in a collision.

Is my car fitted with Isofix?

  1. Check with the car seat manufacturer – many have a list on their website that shows which Isofix-fitted cars work with Isofix-fitted seats.
  2. Check the car’s handbook – it should state if it is fitted with Isofix, locate them, and what kind of car seats that particular version is compatible with.
  3. Physically confirming - running a flat hand between the backrest and seating area of the rear seat, feeling the attachment points, or find a tag with the Isofix logo.