When Should I Give My Baby A Pillow?
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When Should I Give My Baby A Pillow?

Sleep is a vital part of your child’s development! Baby need the right support while they sleep. That’s why it’s important to choose the best pillow to suit your child’s age and developmental stage.


If you are looking for pillow that can helps on Flat Head Syndrome, Comfy Baby Purotex Dimple Pillow suits from newborn with O-shaped design.



Comfy Baby Purotex New Born Pillow 35mm height to support newborn's head, neck and shoulder until 2 years old.


2 layers pillow to fit your baby comfort accordingly age - Comfy Baby Purotex Adjustable Baby Pillow suitable from newborn - 4 years old.


Comfy Baby Purotex Wedge Pillow suitable for baby who faced reflux, colic,nasal congestion and spit-ups. It helps newborn with breathing, digestion, and allow baby sleep soundly throughout the night.


Comfy Baby Purotex Junior Pillow suitable from 3 - 7 years old.